Opportunistic Wildling Thief from the slums of City 13


Elise is a wildling who has never seen the wild. An orphan in City 13, Elise comes from a life of poverty in the city’s slums. A life dominated mainly by loneliness, hunger, misery and fear. A life that has made her an opportunist and fiercely independent.

The slums did, however, teach Elise one skill; getting her hands on things that was not hers to begin with. A Skill she would turn out to be very good at.

Elise life took quite a turn four years ago, when she had gotten her hands on a large polished gemstone. A week later, it turned out to be the orb implement of a now very angry mage named Zahir.

Even though Elise escaped there first meeting, Zahir was right on her tail. But every time he caught up to her, she would slip away. This game of cloak and dagger went on for almost two months, until the point where Elise and Zahir made a deal. A deal based on the idea of keeping your friends close, and your enemy even closer.

The deal was two-fold. First was for Elise to give back Zahirs orb and not steal it again(a deal she broke more than once, for the fun of it). Second was a partnership where Zahir would disenchant stolen magical items to residuum, and help her sell it for a share of the profit.

Very recently Elise had to betray Zahir and their partnership to save her own hide. Leading to his imprisonment, and later his exile .


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